A St. Patrick’s Day to remember at the Irish Memorial

On March 17th, the Irish Memorial on Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a variety of festivities. The event began with lively performances by the Emerald Pipe Band and the McDade Cara Irish Dancers (see above). The anthems were sung by Tim Kelly and Theresa Flanagan Murtagh, who gave outstanding performances that set the tone for the rest of the event. The speeches delivered by local dignitaries, including Mayor James Kenney, Congressman Brendan Boyle, and Council Members Mike Driscoll and Mark Squilla, were inspiring and added to the celebratory atmosphere. Attendees were treated to commemorative floral presentations as well as the annual traditional planting of shamrocks. The beautiful weather further enhanced the festive mood, making the event an enjoyable and memorable one. We also paid respect to the people of Ukraine, who are suffering as a result of an invasion of a foreign power. Thanks to all of you who turned out to this event. It was wonderful to see everyone, and to take the time to remember our ancestors and all those who came before us, seeking a new life in America.

Irish Pipers at the Memorial