The Monument

The monumental bronze is designed as a dynamic arc filled with movement. Approximately 12 feet high, 30 feet long, and 12 feet wide, the sculpture rests on a granite plinth 2 feet high and has the basic profile of a large wedge. The design suggests the multitudes with 35 life-size bronze figures arranged in clusters of vignettes.

The monument’s flow depicts the starvation in Ireland, the people embarking for America and then the immigrants stepping onto American shores. The east end, suggesting a landscape, portrays the misery of the Irish Starvation. In contrast, the higher end, suggesting a ship, faces west as anxious immigrants dock in America and a number of figures rush forward in anticipation, full of hope and looking to the future of freedom and opportunity. The design is a true sculpture in the round, with engaging subjects and intriguing shapes seen from every angle. All of the figures are in period dress but are loosely modeled and impressionistic. The figures draw you close to experience the detail and expressions in the faces. Glenna, through this magnificent sculpture, has truly captured the essence of An Gorta Mór. Each time you view the monument you notice another subtle detail or experience the story of the Starvation from a different figure’s perspective.