New: The Hunger Times, a short movie with a big story

To watch the video, click on this link:

The Hunger Times launch took place recently at Dublin Castle with Irish writer Marita Conlon McKenna. Marita is best known for her Children of the Famine series, which has established her as one of Ireland’s best loved children’s writers.

The Hunger Times was commissioned as part of the educational programme for Coming Home: Art and the Great Hunger, produced by Tile Media. School children from Marlborough Central School attended the launch where they had the chance to view the film for the first time and to ask Marita and the cast and crew of the film about the story of Niamh and Jayden, two children who travel back in time, where they encounter a child their own age and learn how the Great Hunger still resonates with us today. The film is sponsored by partners at The Ireland Funds.